Go Digital

The digital world has increased its importance for your business growth over the past few years and that will never change. Social media, your website, and how you appear on Google are the most important things to maintain. Let’s take a look at five things you should consider in 2023 when you’re engaging or building your business online. 

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Get Reel 

This is an easy ONE. Over the past few years, the demand has shifted to consuming short-form video content. Video is likely the easiest, quickest, and most authentic way to get your message across in a memorable and easily shareable way. Videos are a great way to showcase your expertise and authenticity as a real estate expert and professional. It’s an easy way to share and more likely to put you in front of an audience you haven’t been in front of before. 

Have a YouTube channel? Extra points for you! Posting vlogs on YouTube does wonders for your SEO. Make sure to include a full description of what the video is about, and have a headline that is clear, compelling, and includes your city, and state. 

Being Local 

You are the real estate expert in your local community. Your profession asks you to provide validated information about the housing market, what’s new, and what’s in the future of the cities and communities you have your business. Figure out the types of digital outreach that work in your local market and make sure you’re putting out valuable information. Create content, share content, and put your stamp on the content to spread in your local market. Many try to localize the national state when not everything is equal when local. Target the cities and communities with digital advertising and don’t be afraid to reach out to a ONE Marketplace partner even if it’s to just generate new ideas. 

Network Online 

Networking is a must if you want to grow your business, and networking online is vital to find your future clients organically. Approach with a genuine interest in what value you have to provide, and your experience, connect with a purpose and start a conversation without a sales pitch. I’ve been approached where the connection sounds really generic and not genuine. This results in me clicking on delete without a 2nd thought and just getting annoyed by the approach being cheesy and selfish.   

ONE Suite Website 

ONE of the most powerful tools provided to Realty ONE Group real estate professionals and brokers, the ONE Suite website can serve as your own digital Hub. The platform is as expansive as you want to make it. It’s also the number ONE platform to increase your online presence for your SEO strategy. You can post your blogs here and then share them on your social media platforms. You can direct your clients, friends, and family to your website and navigate your ‘digital hub’ of resources, listings, links to your other social media profiles, and ways to contact you. Remember that video on YouTube you posted? Add it to your ONE Suite site and build more traffic to it!

Make Digital Your Thing 

Are you up to making sure you exist online? You don’t have much of a choice in this era and being dedicated is key. Set up your mindset to break down the excuses you use as blockers. Outline the tasks on your calendar and execute, execute, execute.  


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