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As we enter the final stretch of 2023, we know ONE thing for certain. The market is moving….and so is the talent. Uncertainty and stress in the industry often reveals weak systems, support, and leadership. The uncertainty of today’s shifting market has revealed much to many of today’s top real estate producers. What will it reveal about you and your real estate brokerage?

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any real estate brokerage. We know that, right. So, how do you successfully develop a consistent program that will attract the talent you desire? How do you take the same gifts, talents, and passion that you have to list and sell real estate and recruit? It’s storytelling.

We believe that “Recruiting is telling your story and retention is living the story you tell.”

As a master storyteller, what will you share about your brokerage? What tools, resources and benefits do you provide for new and experienced real estate agents to help each achieve greater success faster? 

We believe honoring these key components are essential to successful recruiting:

Implementing the Right Systems:

Like much of real estate, success in real estate is simple, yet not easy. What is challenging is the discipline to be consistent (almost relentless) in pursuing the talent you desire.

Time Management:

With the various tasks and responsibilities of a successful real estate Broker, effective time management is essential. To consistently recruit as a master storyteller, you much build a schedule that is unyeilding. We recommend time blocking and scheduling activities that support your brokerage, your real estate business and most of all your recruiting efforts.


The Right Tools


A strong digital image is imperative for today’s real estate professionals. Provide an opportunity for both new and experienced agents to explore your company culture, core values and leadership through an effective, engaging recruiting website. You can also feature your commission structure as well as other important facts about your real estate brokerage. Allow each to “Do the Math” to discover the financial rewards of being with your brokeage.

Ratings and Reviews:

In the current shifting market, today’s real estate professionals desire guidance and navigation. Solicit reviews and ratings from your existing agents referencing your professionalism, dependability, responsiveness, and industry expertise.

Utilizing a CRM:

For many years, we advised real estate brokerages to use any CRM (used in sales) yet in today’s fast paced, ever-changing times, we recommend engaging with a CRM specific to real estate recruiting. Once you have added your data base to the CRM, the added resources available within the CRM* will literally tap you on the shoulder each morning and recommend who you should contact and the direction of the conversation. This is true for talent you wish to attract and existing professionals. As we know, retention is the most effective and efficient recruiting you can do. The right CRM will enable you to do just that!

Consistent Communication:

Recruiting is building, developing, and maintaining relationships. You must be their Broker until you are their Broker. Attracting talent is about establishing and maintaining trust, consistently.


Establishing a consistent marketing campaign that tells your story is essential. Your marketing should leave them with curiosity and with a desire to know more about you and your real estate brokerage. By asking more than you tell, you will set yourself up for success when securing the interview.

Multiple channels of communication and marketing must be established for effective delivery of your story. We recommend everything from direct mail (delivered into the prospects home), social media, email, and all other means of visible communication to keep you top of mind. Remember, give them a reason to visit your website and learn more about your brokerage…and tease them to want to know even more!


For years we stressed “making the call” …today we are not limited to dialing a 10-digit number. Real Estate Brokers responsible for growing their brokerage have multiple modes of communication available and have more opportunity to successfully “make the call”. Many successful professionals still dial, yet they also, text, private message, communicate in social media and more.

ONE of the most effective means of outreach and storytelling is video. Literally telling your story through video has great reward and success. Give your prospect a sneak peek into your brokerage and culture with video and testimonials. Additionally, the open rate on video far surpasses email.

We promise…there is NO marketing so fantastic that real estate agents will run to your door and beg you to join. You must lead, pursue, and invite them to come in and learn more about your brokerage, your company culture and you as a leader. They must experience your brokerage vibe. And you must Make the call!

Hosting The Consultation:

What if you could take the same gifts, talent, and passion that you use to sell real estate to hire the talent you desire? What if the “interview” becomes a buyer consultation? What if once face-to-face, you ask more than you tell and maximize the opportunity before you?

Plan Your Work! Work Your Plan!

At Realty ONE Group, we coach our Affiliates and encourage each to adopt an “interview” process that eliminates fear and instills value to the Brand during the face-to-face consultation.

Just as working with a Buyer, your plan must be structured to enable you capture the information necessary to provide the information to effectively deliver the solutions needed to enable the candidate to realize the market is moving, and they should too.

Ask More Than You Tell.

Devise a list of probing questions that will enable you to discover compelling reasons for the candidate to move today. Meet them where they are and provide a solution to fit each need and empower them to earn more income. Ask, “how many additional transactions could you close with this (tool, resource, benefit, support) …mONEtize each opportunity.

Ask them to Join.

ONE of the most (if not THE most) important part of this process is to ask them to join your office today. If you think they will, they most likely will not.

Have the courage to have them say “not yet” and then utilize your most wicked objection handling skills to help them realize you are solution they need in the most uncertain and challenging market in years. And that with your leadership and guidance, you are the solution for them to achieve great success faster!


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