Today’s market demands that you discern what is needed to take your career to the next level. In sports as well as industry, the value of the right coach is even higher today than in previous times. 

The sports industry figured it out. There are defensive and offensive coaches as well as special teams. Each talented individual has one specific coach dedicated to their growth and development. Additionally, there are coaches in the locker rooms dedicated to taking their game to the next level…from strength to endurance…you understand the concept…right? Again, within the sports arena, the needs analysis is simpler than in business.

What about you as an agent? Have you determined the kind of coaching support needed to level up your game and performance? There are many contributing factors to ensure you are “coached” effectively and efficiently.

Come From Curiosity, Not Judgement, always.

The smartest people I know ask more questions than they do offer solutions. They understand that the most effective form of communication is listening versus telling. So how do you score? Have you mastered the art of listening? Are you hungry to learn or starved to share with others how much you know?

The first step to effective coaching is to understand that your role is to be the learner, not the knower.

Identify What You Need

Lean in…this ONE is important. Discern what you want and why you want it. Then determine, is it non-negotiable?

In my tenure in this industry, I have been consistently “coached” by a professional coach for over twenty years. The expertise and qualifications of the coach have changed and shifted, to support my career and role in real estate. One size does not fit all, and one coach doesn’t fit every level (area) of your career. As you grow and your goals change, so will the level and expertise of your coach change.

Be aware, that you could and should outgrow your coach as your career progresses. You may become quite “attached” to your coach. Be more attached to your success than you are to the relationship. That is a hard, harsh, but true statement. It may break your heart. Yet keep in mind, that you are investing in your career.

Determine the area(s) that your coach should be proficient in to help you achieve the greatest lift in your career. It may be anyone or a combination of the following:


Systems are the most important element to engage and implement for a successful real estate professional. In his amazing book: Atomic Habits, James Clear makes a profound statement:

You do not rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your systems.”

Read that again. Then determine where you might have gaps in systems that perhaps prevent you from leveling up. Can you identify a coach to manage the gaps and deliver seamless processes and procedures to deliver desired results?


How and where do you sharpen the saw? What skills do you need to improve to obtain and master the success you desire? Is it negotiation? Communication? The ability to identify and navigate blind spots? Is it time management?

The right coach will help you access and identify where improvement is needed. Seek first to understand, then address the opportunity to grow.


This one is so tough. As you start to taste success, your mind will do quirky things and the voices in your head will not always be in harmony. Words are so incredibly powerful!!! Be mindful of what you say (to yourself) and the power each has over the outcome. 

Sadly, and often, you will find that newly achieved growth and success creates a situation in which you outgrow members of your existing tribe. This is a painful blind spot that the right coach will help you identify and overcome. It is painful, disappointing, and disheartening, yet if everyONE is not celebrating your success, you will need to seek new allies or at least turn down the noise of those not supporting you wholeheartedly. 


It is natural that as you grow your business and experience greater success, you increase your influence. It is important to keep this in perspective and become a leader and encourager. Simply stated, you need to keep your ego in check and not fall into believing your own sh*t!

At Realty ONE Group, we are known for NO BULLSH*T! and the best way is to have a coach to call you out and keep you humble, kind and hONEst. This can be painful and embarrassing. In this case above all others, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Financial | Investment:

As you achieve greater success, you earn greater income. A level of expertise that you may seek is that of financial counseling that can help ensure that you not only keep more of what you earn, yet that you invest it wisely. This may or may not be a financial “coach” yet more of an advisor to keep you in a wealth-building status.


It would be so corny to say, “Trust the journey.” Yet, trust the journey.

The right coach will stretch you beyond perceived limitations offering constructive criticism and amazing celebration.

Honor your commitments, be flexible, adaptable, and overall, be trustworthy. Your relationship with your coach is such an amazing relationship. A collaboration and partnership of speculation, strategy, and humility.

Do what you need to do to be the professional you desire to be to achieve the success you desire. 


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